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ONE MORE STEP TOWARD eco-responsible tourism

In order to ensure the sustainability of the helicopter industry, GoHelico has adopted the credo "Sustainability, Responsibility and Inclusiveness". The company thus is basing its conduct on these three principles in order to make decisions that will have a positive impact over time. Here's how GoHelico is going about achieving its aspirations.

GoHelico is committed to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its tourism component by introducing a compensation fee of $1 per passenger. The funds raised within the scope of these tourist flights are donated to the Carbone boréal project and are used to finance tree planting and research on climate change. Together, we can mobilize for the environment.

Although they emit greenhouse gases, tourist flights help to ensure the succession of the aerial work industry, which plays a considerable role for the environment. It is therefore essential to provide flight opportunities for young pilots. GoHelico's Tours and Excursions division is ideal for enabling recruits to acquire flight experience in order to meet the time thresholds required for certain aerial work assignments. Generally, after two years in the Tours and Excursions division, recruit pilots can start their career in aerial work.

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GoHelico's crew is made up of pilots from Québec, France, New Caledonia, Belgium, and French Guiana.


GoHelico is much more than just a tourist flight company. Each year, many sectors call on the expertise of its pilots to carry out various environmental missions requiring air support. Our Aerial Work and Charter division counts among its clients many governmental and non-governmental entities. Whether it is to carry out the maintenance of the province's power grid, wildlife management, decontamination, forest fire prevention, or scientific research, the aerial work carried out by our helicopters is essential to a global sustainable development strategy.

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the power grid
Wildlife management
Forest fire


Always at the forefront of innovation, GoHelico wants to position itself as a team player in the fight for the environment and social equity. Sustainability, responsibility and inclusivity are therefore the three principles through which GoHelico soar into the future.

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