Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère

Business Training Centre

Our Training Centre contributes to the development of diverse employee skills and the improvement of organisational efficiency.

The Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère Training Centre is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the enforcement of laws that encourage the development and recognition of skilled labour.

The act to promote workforce skills development and recognition

Businesses with a yearly payroll of over two million dollars are required to invest the equivalent of 1% of their payroll to training activities that target the skills development of their workforce for every calendar year.

Our training meets the standards set by the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition and helps employees to develop the skills required to face their workplace stress.


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Our Training

Stress Management: Global Analysis, Interrelations and Communications

Stress Management: Global Analysis, Interrelations and Communications

This training allows participants to push past their comfort zone to better understand the physical and human impacts of stress.

Offered in collaboration with helicopter pilots, participants are called upon to put themselves in the pilot’s seat through apprentice pilot training. Training is available to groups by request.

Applicable and Effective Tools

The training is offered to managers and professionals who manage working teams. The takeaways and feedback following the apprentice pilot training allow participants to make the connection between their attitude in the workplace and develop a professional recovery plan with the help of our trainers.

Training objectives

By acquiring stress management knowledge and skills, participants with become better aware of the importance of:


  • Performing global and situational analysis
  • Interrelated points that consider the strengths and weaknesses of different parties
  • Clear and precise communications using active listening during the transmission of information


Training Advantages


  • Fostering the value of employees
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging within the company
  • Improving company efficiency
  • Creating indelible memories of the participants’ training session