Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère
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About the Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère

A one of a kind world destination, Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère is a multi-function centre with many helicopter-related businesses operating under a single roof. GoHelico offers helicopter tours for the enjoyment of tourists and flight enthusiasts. Resto-Bar Le Commandant is renowned for being one of the best restaurants in Quebec and the rental of spectacular rooms for holding your corporate and private events. Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère is also home to a cutting-edge Maintenance Centre, the Capitale Hélicoptère Flight School as well as the GoHelico Air Charter Division.

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Created entirely through the vision of its founder, Stephan Huot, the Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère continues to pursue its mission to awaken a love of flying in children and adults as well as being a leisure and tourism destination where dreams take flight.


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